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07/14/2020 03:53PM  
Twenty five years ago a friend had me rub anise oil on my worm and I thought HMMMM there may be something to this.

Since then I've tried a few things but was really impressed by black power worms down in TX a few years back - the bass really bit and held on!

So I'm wondering if anyone has found any scents that work well in thw BWCA? Also what is YOUR EXPERIENCE - do you think scents make sense? ;-)

I do have a bunch of power/gulp for this year's early/mid Sep trip. I also have couple rub on type gel scents (Pro-Cure Big Bass and Crayfish, i think) for non-power baits. Anybody's thoughts/ comments welcome! Also any "glow or uv" experience appreciated!

Tight Lines and Screamin' Drags to Everyone!!!

(With any luck I'll Be Able to Post a pic of a Catch and Release Big One from my trip!)
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07/15/2020 01:22PM  
Pitching the banks I don't think it makes any difference.
Vertically jigging or rigging like with live bait you might catch some but not near as effective as live bait.
Pulling behind spinners I think it is as good as live bait and probably better after you factor in less rebaiting time.
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07/16/2020 09:12AM  
I have been interested to try Brad’s superbait cut plugs. Stinky trolling system, used a lot in the mountains and on the west coast for salmon, and I know guys who use them for salmon and trout on superior. Would like to see how Bwca lake trout respond.
member (20)member
07/16/2020 02:34PM  
Great idea! Ive used them in AK. The plug opens up an you can insert a small piece of oil rag soaked in herring oil inside. Im going to try it! Thanks for the great suggestion, Gopher.
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