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07/18/2020 09:35AM  
I'm reaching out to you canvas canoe buffs out there, looking for any information on two canoes that were built by Dennis Williams of Sarona, WI. My friend's sister has them in her garage and they are wondering if they have any history/value. Thanks in advance for your responses!
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07/18/2020 09:50AM  
If no one here knows for sure, this might be a place to ask.
Wood and canvas forum
07/18/2020 12:01PM  
The people at the Wisconsin canoe heritage museum will know. Closed do to covid. The red canoe looks to be based on a chestnut prospector design. It looks like a really nice canoe. No idea of value, Canadians really value these wood canoes.
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07/18/2020 12:19PM  
Williams Wooden Boats
Dennis Williams, Sarona WI, 715-645-2746

These are not real old boats, but very nice. You could learn a bit more about them from the builder himself. He could also give you an idea of current value based on how his new canoes are priced.
I would use them. Wood canvas canoes have a special feel to them. They take some maintenance , but are tough boats.
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07/18/2020 12:59PM  

Canoe Tripping Forum
Robin and many others specialize in these canoes and will be happy to answer your questions.
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07/18/2020 05:33PM  
Here’s a nice interview From 2011 with Dennis Williams at a boat show. You can see a few of his boats.
07/18/2020 05:56PM  
Thanks everyone for your replies!
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