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   Group Forum: Solo Tripping
      Solo from EP #20 to EP #14 in Early Sep     



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07/25/2020 11:56AM  
EP20--Angleworm -- Home--Gull--Gun--Wagosh--Niki--Chippewa--Papoose--Friday Bay--Iron--Dark--Rush--Fox--Stuart--Dahlgren R-- Boulder R-- Agnes--Oyster--Rocky--Green--GeBe--Pocket--Finger--Thumb--Beartrack--Eugene--Fat--Slim--Loon--LIS--Pauness--EP14

Hi all! Planning to embark on this route in September. Curious if anyone has done this or has insights on how long it would take (peak fitness) and if low water levels of Sep would significantly impact any pieces of this route.

To give you some context -- I just solo'd this loop in 4 days : (EP14-- LIS --Loon--Slim--Section3--North-- South-- Steep -- Eugene -- Beartrack-Thumb-Finger-Pocket-GeBe-Green-Rocky-Oyster-Hustler-Lynx-Agawato--Heritage-Shell---Pauness--LIS-- EP14).

I am comfortable with consistent 8-10 hour / 15-20 mile days.

Good Idea? Could I knock it out in 7-9 days?


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07/25/2020 06:00PM  
Not sure about the timeline but am curious how you plan to shuttle once you're out?
07/30/2020 10:01AM  
Low water would impact any river section and shallow/rocky lake areas.
Remember daylight hours are way shorter in September than in summer so plan accordingly.
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