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      CL: Canoe FREE! Well, 1/2 of a canoe (Delano)     
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08/01/2020 01:06PM  
Here's a good deal on 1/2 a canoe. (not mine)

craigs list ad
In case it goes away...

"I am giving away, yes giving away 1/2 of a canoe (the long way, not the short way, see photos). The other half will soon be on my garage as art (or as Bob's folly). I will not guarantee that this will float, but I will guarantee that it won't float! Perfect for wall art, decoration on a shed or outbuilding, on a wall in a bar, cover a hole in the roof, etc. Throw some paint on it and you will have a great piece of art. Or not. The best part? It is free! Not twice what a complete canoe would cost (labor you know). Not half of what a complete canoe would cost (it is only 1/2 a canoe, of course). But, I am feeling generous, it is free! I will even help you load it. Man, what a great deal!

17 beautiful feet long. this is $0 a foot!"

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08/01/2020 01:57PM  
What a great ad--sounds like the kind of CraigsLister I'd like to deal with...
08/01/2020 02:59PM  
Nice! Almost looks like an advantage but not quite.
08/01/2020 03:28PM  
Half a canoe?!

I think he needed a better divorce attorney.
member (42)member
08/02/2020 06:01PM  
I would have took the other half by it was all ready taken
08/02/2020 11:11PM  
I got a pretty good laugh outta this. I would love to see what he has planned for his half.
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