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distinguished member (146)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/28/2020 11:05AM  
Has any rewaxed their packs? Have you tried beeswax or other products than the standard paraffin based ones? Been thinking about doing this for a while, but last October’s snow/rain/frost trip really added water and weight to the bags and I think the time do it was few years ago, so planning over the winter.

Thanks for any advice or experimentation. I'm reading about Otterwax now, a company out in Portland, that is naturally based wax, but no clue if works.
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senior member (82)senior membersenior member
11/29/2020 05:47PM  
Give Frost River Trading Co. in Duluth a call. They make and sell waxed canvas packs. I am sure they would tell you how to retreat your pack.

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