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      Three canoes for sale, garage is full.     
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senior member (73)senior membersenior member
01/11/2021 10:41AM  
I have three canoes for sale.

1. Mad River Horizon in good condition. Kevlar ultralight with wood gunwales. 18’ about 54#. The canoe is shallow arched hull. It is a fast tripping boat. $1400.

2. Wenonah Kevlar prism solo. Flex core 16.6’ wood gunwales. Good condition. $1000

3. Wennoah ultralight Sundowner. 18’ canoe was used for a trip from Minneapolis to the Hudson Bay and saw hard use. Can be used but could use some work. It would come will a spray cover. $700.

I will be traveling to Rochester, MN the week of January 17th and could meet along the way. The canoes are located in East Grand Forks, MN.

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01/11/2021 12:13PM  
Carl, from what I see on Wenonah's website, they have a Flex Core Tuf-Weave and a Flex Core with Aramid (newer version of Kevlar?). I have a buddy who might be interested. If you can email me some pics and any other clarifying information, I'll pass it along to him.
member (24)member
01/11/2021 12:20PM  
Interested in the Prism. email sent.
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
01/11/2021 02:12PM  
Jack fish

I will get it out may not be until tomorrow morning . The canoe is a flex core Kevlar. With the wood gunwales it should be under #50. It has maroon gel coat on.
01/13/2021 08:38AM  
I am also interested in the Prism. Do you have any pics?
member (13)member
01/13/2021 07:55PM  
Hello, is the solo prism still available?

I live right on the way to Rochester.


member (10)member
01/21/2021 10:01AM  
I'd love to get in line for the prism.

Thinking about kicking the tires on the sundowner, but I already have a tuf-weave version. Do you have any pics of the sundowner?
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
01/21/2021 04:11PM  
I still have all three canoes. The Sundowner will float but could use some work. The Prism is in good condition. E-mail me and we can setup a time to talk. I can better describe the canoes.
01/27/2021 10:37AM  
You still have the prism? I would do 500 for it. Thanks! You can email me at
01/29/2021 11:13AM  
The Sundowner tandem, you mentioned it needs some work. Would you be concerned taking it out prior to working on it (i.e. would it take on water)? And how repairable is it to someone that's never done canoe repairs before? Not afraid to try, but don't want to make it worse either.

I've got a wilderness trip planned in the UP this summer with my soon-to-be 12 year old son. Wanting to start going at least once a year and looking for a canoe that can hold decent amounts of gear without weighing 100 lbs or being too much work for him to bow paddle. Maybe BWCA some day, but smaller versions first (Sylvania, Big Island Lake Wilderness, etc).

I'm not interested in a "cheap" canoe, but not looking to drop a small fortune on a top of the line option either. Would you consider this to fit the scenario pretty well?

Thanks in advance for your time.
03/04/2021 11:31AM  
Do you still have the horizon? Thanks.
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
03/04/2021 11:57AM  
I still have all three canoes. I may have someone interested in the Sundowner. E-mail me at

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