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02/26/2021 12:46PM  
Hi Everyone,

I started getting into woodworking a bit more over the last year as well as fly fishing. I'm about to embark in a rather ambitious attempt at making my own landing net. So far, my main source of instruction is this Video

So far, the video has been very helpful. I have my materials and am starting to draft a few versions of the head of the net. If anyone has made their own net before or has any recommendations, tips or experience bending wood or making fully symmetrical forms, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.
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03/01/2021 12:54PM  
I received this reply via email due to issues with the reply function and thought if anyone was wanting the same information this may be helpful to paste in:

Make the template ½ fold paper to keep shape symmetrical. Don’t try to draw the whole shape. Watch paddle making videos for this technique.

Make clamping holes in the bending form BIG.

Skip the shellac coating on the form, use painters tape with wax.

Bend the strips with steam or soaking but don’t glue yet. Put on the form while wet-then clamp and let dry for a day or two. This will mostly hold the shape for much easier final gluing and clamping.

Clamp also in top and bottom as well as the sides to keep from twisting.

Watch some videos about steam bending wood for snowshoes, canoe stems, canoe gunnels, etc.

It is very easy. Much easier than the guy in your video makes it look.
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03/01/2021 04:56PM  
What do you plan to use for the actual netting? The reason I ask is that I went looking for my net after reading your post, and found that mice had chewed it. I'm thinking about a rubber replacement net, but I'm undecided. Anyone with opinions about replacement nets should certainly chime in.
03/01/2021 07:37PM  
The brand with best reviews for rubber nets was fishpond. That’s the net I ordered. I won’t start making mine until the net arrives so I can measure it.
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