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03/11/2021 03:53PM  
So I have been to BWCA a ton of times and have done spent ton of time in Ensign, numbered lakes, moose going up to knife, etc. I've always gone with group of adults. I am looking for suggestions on entry points and final destination for me and a 5 yo. We have hiked grand canyon so he is good with walking and camping. Done a lot of canoeing, even took him out early teal season duck hunting. I have read through several forums but all seemed to be family or group. Not sure if the recs would much different in this case but wanted to get it out. Focus for trip.... him and having fun. Fishing a plus but just slow and enjoyable for him . Thanks in advance!
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03/11/2021 08:45PM  
What a cutie! Get a Lizz/Swamp entry permit. It is a busy area, but a very family friendly one. Horseshoe has a high probability for moose sitings. Easy day trips to some beautiful lakes.
03/17/2021 08:37PM  
EPs that keep you on small water with a 5 yo in the bow is very important. Let him be part of the planning and decision making during the trip. I do a daddy/daughter trip with one of my daughters each year by alternating each year which one goes with. They always help make decisions. The only time I override is when safety is involved. Like the time big duckling wanted to go fishing but we stayed in camp because I could see a nasty storm coming. She actually said daddy you were right afterwards. LOL.

EPs that I’ve used with the ducklings that I really liked that keep you on small water.

Lizz with big duckling at age 5
Cross Bay with little duckling at 5
Sawbill to Smoke with LD at 7
Baker to Jack with BD at 9
Bower Trout to Swan with LD at 9
Homer w LD at 11.

Lizz and Baker are my favorites from the list. LD wants to go to Baker with me this year because we saw so many moose on my trip with her sister and the fishing was so good. We have a 2 year old son and his 1st trip will probably be Baker. It’s short portages and the lakes are so skinny.

Have fun. Nothing better than being with your kid in the bwca.

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04/10/2021 07:49PM  
I'll second the Baker Lake entry...

Also, if you haven't done so already? Check out
this thread.
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