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senior member (79)senior membersenior member
03/24/2021 10:07AM  
Wondering if and how to best protect my dog from the elements in a solo canoe. I usually take her in a tandem that is plenty wide and deep enough to rig a small section of tarp over gunwale, but the narrow solo I plan to take this summer is very cramped with gear and rather shallow.

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03/24/2021 04:58PM  
A foam pad on the bottom should be good. If your worried about rain, there's a really nice company from New Zealand I use called D-fa Dogs. They can ship from the USA. Quality gear and they make a raincoat I believe.

Here's a nice jacket. It's cordura on the outside and they say you can treat it with nikwax. Armadoggo Jacket

I've used their doggy pfd since 2013. I also have their Puff doggy coat for my border collie in winter.
03/24/2021 05:00PM  
Doggie rain jacket.
senior member (79)senior membersenior member
03/24/2021 07:43PM  
makes sense. will investigate.
03/26/2021 10:39AM  
The older of my two labs loves going into the water but hates sitting in it or having it fall on his head. I've had some success tossing a jacket or rain coat over him in rain, but this is mostly helpful if he can be reached. A dog rain jacket like mentioned above might help a lot. He is probably more worried about the bilge water though. I have had pretty good success with two sections of the old blue closed cell pads from REI in the bottom of the canoe. I also always travel with a large tiling sponge available for a few buts in the tile section of a hardware store. great for removing excess bilge water or wiping down muddy prints.

Sun and bugs can also be trouble. For both, I usually have a dedicated quick-dry camp type towel in a light color for each dog. They help keep their black fur from absorbing too much heat, can prevent sunburn on the legs and belly, and tent to keep flies and mosquitos away at least fairly well. Again, it helps a lot if you can reach your dog. I put my dogs right in front of me, but that may not work as well for you in a solo.
senior member (79)senior membersenior member
03/26/2021 11:29AM  
Thanks for sharing insights. The multi-use quick-dry dedicated camp towel will be next purchase with REI dividend.

03/26/2021 12:17PM  
Oh, and the quick dry towels can also become a “place” for the dogs to lay down without getting too dirty before heading to the tent.
distinguished member (189)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/18/2021 12:52PM  
Pretty late to post on this tread. However, if anyone is still looking at this, I will offer the following ...

Like mentioned earlier, a foam pad is a great way to comfort the dog, and keep it dry - they hate laying in a puddle in the canoe. My dog hates rain on his head - I added this thinking it was a marvelous solution to the rain problem ...

Turns out the only thing he hates more than rain on his head is being in his rain shelter.

Win some, lose some.

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