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04/13/2021 10:49AM  
Me and some buddies are heading up to Pine Lake in May targeting walleyes. I heard it can be very tricky to fish considering it is 7 miles long with nothing to break the wind. Any tips on locations on the lake or lures that are effective? Haven't seen much information on this lake for walleyes fishing so any knowledge that anyone would be willing to pass down would be helpful! Thanks
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04/13/2021 11:18AM  
Try around the creek where you'll come in at McFarland. Also, Johnson creek comes into Pine at the far western end. There is a small island and bay around mid lake on the northern side of the lake that is worth a look.
04/18/2021 10:13AM  
Go over to long lake. The walleye population there is incredible. A few years ago our first trip to long lake I was 5 minutes ahead of my buddy. I caught 6 from the shore line with a spinner bait before he got there. The lake was extremely over populated and the fish were under weight for there size.
Savage Voyageur
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04/19/2021 08:44AM  
Here is what I’ve found to be good spots for walleye. You can troll the areas with a Rapala’s, slip bobbers with leeches, or jigs. Good luck.
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