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04/29/2021 06:10PM  
What can anyone tell me about Horse's/Mares Tales cloud formations?
The only thing I remember in firefighting was that this colud formation showed that there are high winds aloft.
I am not remembering what causes them or what weather is predictied the next day.

Ok, I did google it now and WIKI said that it can signify stormy windy weather can follow these cloud formations. Other than that I am still pretty vauge on this.
Do any of you BW paddlers use this cloud formation when planning your next days paddle? Thanks for any input.

Wiki Mares Tales
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05/01/2021 10:37PM  
In my experience- mares tales are a reach in trying to get any solid prediction of what the weather is going to do in 24+ hours. There is just too many variables of what could happen with them being present. They are not a strong predictor of the weather in any time frame, other than tranquil and quiet for at least several hours and likely much more. -- though I do slightly agree they can be a harbinger that a warm front is approaching.
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06/03/2021 04:11PM  
I think they look like *mare's tails*, hence, the name.

I've always said they mean rain within 24 hours. Often correct.
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