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member (10)member
06/13/2021 03:34PM  
Heyo! Grabbed a permit late, for snake river. I don't know much about it, but how's the navigability? How are the water levels all over this year? How's that 189rd portage right off the bat to get the trip started? Thanks!
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member (48)member
06/13/2021 04:53PM  
Pretty long, but wide and relatively easy portage. A few rocks going down a hill when you get close the the river.

A few portages, the first is on the right side (I think some maps have it on the left) not long after getting into the river. After a few hours you'll understand why it's called the snake river.
06/13/2021 05:14PM  
I believe the portage is longer than what is listed on the maps.
06/13/2021 05:37PM  
The portage is long but mostly down hill. A portion of it follows an old logging road. The river is narrow, but definitely navigable. Wind can be a factor when you reach Bald Eagle especially a strong west wind.
distinguished member(5455)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
06/13/2021 05:54PM  
I hiked in this spring. Snake river
member (32)member
06/13/2021 07:29PM  
Low water can be a challenge late in dry years, portage is in the 260-280 rods range, but as others describe wide in places and generally down hill.
member (10)member
06/16/2021 09:45PM  
Yikes, that's much longer than listed in paddle planner. I think it's only listed as 189! I talked to Bret of Duane's canoe outfitters out of Babbitt, and because I'll be taking a couple of newbies with me, he suggested avoiding it because of the bugs and potential low water issues. I think I might try out something further East, maybe Brule Lake. Never been out that way though, if you know any outfitters out that away!
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