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Guest Paddler
06/15/2021 06:26AM  
My husband and I are hoping to do a day trip into the BWCAW from Farm Lake this week…any tips about where to go for a half day / up to 6 hours or so? I can’t find much info online about this entry point.

Also I just saw a social media post that implied the mayflies are out on Lake Shagawa near Ely, and this has me worried. Any other reports of mayflies on lakes near Ely, and specifically on Farm Lake and that vicinity? I once went kayaking near Lutsen during the end of a mayfly hatch and I’d like to avoid that in the future.

Thanks !
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06/15/2021 07:49AM  
Some information here
06/15/2021 09:27PM  
Saw a lot of mayfly casings on Birch Lake this morning... a LOT.
06/16/2021 12:50PM  
I day trip from Farm a lot. My favorite route is to head up to the beginning of the long 220 rod portage. Non-stop from the entry at the east end of Farm is about a 2 hour paddle with single portages but I fish all the way up, stopping below each portage as well as Deadmans ("S" shaped narrows) and a small narrows just past the Haystack Rocks (you'll know them when you see them). I then have lunch at the portage landing which, long ago, was a campsite so there are no worries about crowding if other groups come through. After lunch I'll hike about 1/3rd of the way up the long portage to the small pond you'll see on your right as you head east. There's a neat waterfall tucked behind it. There is a side trail at the top of the hill after you first see it or, depending on the water level, you can walk on the rocks along the north side of the pond to get to it. From there it's the reverse trip back home, except I usually run the rapids instead of portaging on the way back. Do so at your own risk.

Note, if it looks to be a windy day you might want to arrange for a tow across Farm Lake, especially on your way back, it can get pretty rough.

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