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06/29/2021 10:41AM  
Hi All,

I have a permit for EP 75 - Little Isabella River for July 8th. I haven't paddled this river before so I'm curious is anyone that is familiar with the area knows if water levels will be an issue this summer with the lack of rain. Any insight is very much appreciated!
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07/03/2021 05:15PM  
I use to paddle this river quite often but have not on recent years. I don’t think the river is ever unpassable but it does get chocked with weeds and can make a slow going.
07/03/2021 08:15PM  
I paddled the Perent River last week. Some beaver dams were a bit more work that I think they would be normally, and there are a few more rocks to try to dodge at portages, but overall the water level did not set me back in any real way. I suspect the Little Isabella would be the exact same.
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