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08/11/2021 03:01PM  
It’s only a week until Beaverhouse. Even thought I am not 100% after my accident, I will attempt another 21 day solo trip in Quetico. My right leg is at 95 % and my left leg is about 85%, Hopefully that will be enough. Because of low water, park closures & knee status, I have decided to stay in the north. My route is Beaverhouse, Quetico, Conk, Jean, Burntside, Rouge, Sturgeon, March, Bentpine, Fred (if it opens), Russell, Ram. Antoine, Oliphant, Lonely, Draper, Walter, Elizabeth, Jesse, Maria, Pickeral Narrows, South Howard, Rawn, Art, Buckingham, Pickeral, Winn & French. In addition, I have a number of side trips planned into No Name lakes. How many I can accomplish will depend on water levels, weather and my energy level. I will report when I return. I can’t wait to get back. Each year the anticipation increases albeit this year with some trepidation. I hope to see some of you this year- but not too may! If my halfseimers hasn’t completely taken over then this is my 49th trip. Will I make 50?
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08/11/2021 03:22PM  
Have a great trip, John!

Antoine sounds interesting. Being all around it but never there.
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08/11/2021 04:26PM  

Have a great trip. Please post your observations on border crossing and water levels when you get back. I am looking and doing a very similar trip in September and I selfishly want as much info as I can. Until then, may it all go well and you remain light on your feet.
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08/11/2021 05:32PM  
I see South Howard on your list, and my crew went there about 8 years ago. It was early August, but the seasonal low water level still allowed us to wind our way east through the swamp grass at the east end of the bay going east out of the north end of Rawn Narrows. It looked like a solid grass wall but we found a winding passage through without a pull-over. Finally it opened up into a little lagoon with a rapids/small stream coming in from the left (north) with a medium short but very unused rough portage going to South Howard.
Nothing special or unusual about South Howard, but it was fun to report that we went where few had gone before. The picture is of the west end of South Howard with flow going into the rapids over what appeared to be a natural dam.

Looking over your trip plans, I am envious, having been in most of those lakes, but never with as much time as you have and certainly not in one trip.
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08/12/2021 10:37AM  
I will be entering Pickerel from French Lake on the 29th. My plan is to head to Rawn/Buckingham area first, so I may see you at the end of your trip!
08/12/2021 09:52PM  
Have a great trip, John. I'll be thinking about your wonderful trip and will be anxious to hear how the trip went (and you fared). What a great route!
08/17/2021 06:55PM  
John, it's a shame that you could edit the subject line of this thread to read, "Another Wonderful Trip... shot to hell."

Well, there is always next year. Sorry that you lost out.
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