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member (16)member
08/19/2021 08:24PM  
Hey everyone,

Has anyone been into Homer and area recently? I was wondering how the water levels are right now, we’re heading in on Monday and are expecting low, but curious how low.

We talked to the Tofte ranger station today, mostly checking in on the fires, and he thought it might be a bit of a slog, but I’d really appreciate any thoughts. It’s a new spot for us so we don’t even have a reference.
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distinguished member(2673)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/20/2021 07:49PM  
Normally I would recommend the southern route from Homer to Vern which is a a really nice paddle through a small stream where you might have to get out of the canoe once for a few yards. But this year I would guess that is super low and would be a difficult route.

I would recommend the northern route through Whack Lake to Vern...the portage from Homer to Whack is often a muddy boggy mess for the first 50 yards, but this year you might just find an easy and dry portage. The next portage into Vern is an easy up and over and shouldn't be a problem.

Homer is one of my favorite entries, good scenery, relatively quiet, very good fishing and a daytrip up the Vern River is a lot of fun and good fishing too...if water levels allow.

Have a great trip.
08/21/2021 03:49PM  
We were in August 10-12 and the portage in to Whack Lake is very muddy. I briefly lost a shoe! We did not do the Vern river portage at all, but saw someone coming out who said that it was as challenging as Whack.

We camped on Vern, tried to fish the Vern River and could not make it in due to the low water. I think you could get in if you really wanted to, but it was my family of 3 and we didn't want to make our kid have to get out and navigate the rocks just for a fishing opportunity.

We did the loop up to Brule to avoid trying to launch our heavy canoe back out of Whack and the deep mud. It is a very nice loop. It got a little windy which was nerve wracking on the big part of Brule, but overall I would recommend the loop. Hopefully whatever you have in mind works out with the fires and all. Crossing my fingers and toes for rain!
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