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member (21)member
09/12/2021 10:11PM  
Years ago (2004?), Phil Cotton showed me the "Navajo saddle cinch" knot for a taut tarp ridge line. Now I seem to have forgotten and it doesn't turn up in a quick search. Maybe it's common but I don't know it by any other name.

Once I get it back I think I'll call it the Wabakimi knot for my own satisfaction. This isn't the Siberian quick release knot. Anyone have knowledge of this?
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09/13/2021 09:08PM  
I checked with a buddy who is very ”knotledgeable” with knots and he is not aware of this one, but thought maybe the truckers hitch? He does a knot tying workshop on Saturdays at Canoecopia every year - Dave Shapiro.
member (21)member
09/14/2021 06:26PM  
Yes, OK thanks, basically a truckers hitch. I got it to work. The signature is how it's tied off I guess. Basically you need a long length of the working end to go back around the tree (or whatever) and bring it back thru the slipknot. What I forgot is to put it back thru the slipknot in the SAME DIRECTION as the initial end I put thru. That's what i was doing wrong. (you can determine the right direction by giving a slight tug on the end). So it's a self-holding tie-off, with the end dangling for quick re-tightening, or yanking out when it's time to take the tarp down. I wouldn't trust it for hauling a load down the road but works great for a fly.
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09/18/2021 08:19AM  
I had forgotten that one! Actually forgot how to do it within a month of using it. Thanks for the refresher
09/27/2021 06:00PM  
Truckers hitch is a must know for taut tarping. Probably even more important to avoid sag in your clothesline too!
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