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member (14)member
01/26/2022 07:55AM  
Looking for any suggestions on an easy to moderate route for a second week of june trip. Going solo. Been up there three times, but always to same area. Would like a change of scenery.

Considering I think it is EP16 Moose River north portage. Any advice or suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
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01/31/2022 04:59AM  
That’s a good put in. A few years ago, one of my friends had an accident on Oyster. I got permission to go in and didn’t get on the portage til 5:30 pm. Luckily got on the right channel before dark on the oyster river. I didn’t have my solo, but my big ol' Spirit ll. I had a bit of difficulty getting across Nina moose in the wind. Made it to oyster at wee hours. You have several options, so that is a good entry.

One fall many years ago, I went up through Agnes over to Dahlgreen River. I can’t remember, I think you go over to Lac la Croix by that ranger cabin area... you can loop any direction you want up around to iron and back. Go up to Oyster... just straight up to Lac la Croix... just remember, even lakes like Agnes can be a little dicey in the wind.
01/31/2022 07:02AM  
EP #16 is a nice entry and area, but if you don't already have a permit they may be all gone. Where have you been before?
member (14)member
02/02/2022 08:20AM  
I have only been to the lake 2 area by Kawishiwi lodge
I did two solos over there. Havent been ip in two years
How windy is agnes? I see that on here a lot. I am going in
Wenonah vagabond unless i upgrade to something larger
Before i leave. I got the permit for moose river n.
I have also seen a route called the moose river triangle.
Do you happen to know what it is?
02/02/2022 11:47AM  
Since you have the permit, I'd go in at EP #16. You can make the loop through LLC, Pocket, Gebe, Oyster either direction. I wouldn't be overly worried about the wind.
02/02/2022 02:01PM  
The NW area will offer nice alternative to the numbered lake area. Go for it. Because all permits are taken you will want to plan your overnights carefully, lots of input about stopping early when traveling. I would recommend using the search feature for EP#16 trip reports.
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