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senior member (80)senior membersenior member
04/24/2022 08:04AM  
Wondering if anyone uses and can recommend a removable insole for the Boundary Boots. I’m thinking having some type of wool or felt insole would speed up drying them out from sweat. Thoughts?
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distinguished member (269)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/24/2022 09:34AM  
Also following.
04/24/2022 12:49PM  
I've used an aftermarket insole like Sole for additional support/protection in mine but not wool or felt. I've not had a real problem with that though. It won't hurt to try but seems it would only help with the bottom of the boot.
distinguished member (420)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/26/2022 07:18AM  
I use wool felt inserts for my winter boots. They work very well, I take them out and dry them with my socks when possible. I feel they help keep my feet drier and warmer than my other shoe liners, which usually became large ice cubes overnight. They do wear out faster, so unlike my everyday and wet shoe liners I have to replace them about every other year.
04/26/2022 11:48AM  
I have lousy arches and have used SuperFeet inserts in my NRS Workboot Wetshoes, which are similar to the Boundary Boot. The Superfeet are non-absorbent, and are easily removed from the boots, but only in the hottest, driest weather will the boots dry overnight. It's not sweat, however--I wet-foot, and am resigned to having wet, smelly boots throughout a 10-day trip.

distinguished member (174)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/29/2022 04:53PM  
TacO, you might check out Steger Mukluks in Ely. They have wool felt insoles and boot liners. Haven't used them myself but know that they at least have them. I have used the Superfeet insoles in my Chota Trekkers as Hybrids, like TZ and find them to be excellent insoles for that purpose. Being a wet-footer, nothing every really dries out, though the Astral TR1 Merge boots I use now have been the best in that respect - plus just great for portaging.

member (25)member
05/01/2022 06:55AM  
I’ve been using these in my everyday boots and can’t recommend them enough:
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