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05/22/2022 06:58PM  
Got a permit for EP 68 from June 5-9. Hoping to fish Pine and West Pike pretty hard, as well as visit Johnson Falls. I'd also like to visit some of the trout lakes in the area as well. Has anyone brutalized themselves on those portages?
Is there anything I should be concerned about? Water level conditions? Do the campsites fill up quickly on these lakes? Thanks for any help! I'm getting excited!
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distinguished member(1450)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/22/2022 07:19PM  
In that area, the portages that run north-south tend to be very steep. East-west portages are much flatter. Be careful around the Royal River area if water is still high. Pine Lake campsites tend to fill fast...the Pike Lakes are less used in general.
05/22/2022 09:12PM  
If you you need to make an audible and do a shorter loop, you can cut down to Pine from West Pike via that long portage. It's a tough one, but doable.
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05/22/2022 10:04PM  
If you haven't checked it out already? There's some comments in the maps section describing the portages & campsites.
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