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06/08/2022 09:41PM  
I'm entering Lake One this Saturday for a week solo. My trip plans had been very ambiguous and flexible, until two days ago when one thing led to another, a friend of mine decided to camp at Trail's End by EP54 and has offered to shuttle me and my canoe back to Lake One if I'm there when he wraps it all up on next Saturday the 18th.

So now I'm instead looking at a one-way trip. With eight days to do it, I've (in theory) got a couple buffer days in there just in case, but the forecast for next week doesn't look like I'll be stuck in one spot by inclement weather and at minimum I should be able to get a solid few hours in every morning, at least.

I've got an inreach on me, so if plans change and I backtrack, or detour out to Snowbank and walk back to the car, I can message my buddy and let him know not to wait for me so there isn't a required commitment to see this through. Well, other than making it to Seagull and having a cold beer in a cooler waiting for me the following Saturday morning.

Prior to Memorial Day I was up on lakes 1-4 and Hudson, so I'm assuming that water levels may have dropped a small amount since then, but has anyone run into any issues on the Insula-Thomas-Frasier-Kek-Ogish-Seagull sequence recently that I should be aware of?
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