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distinguished member(919)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/05/2022 01:35PM  
I’ll be going in in Bower trout first week of August hoping to get all the way to Swan Lake to Basecamp a little bit. I have never fished this area any information would be helpful
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member (6)member
07/14/2022 04:15PM  
I have been fishing in this area a couple times. Not sure what you are targeting but Walleye will be tough in August. Best chance there is staying fairly deep on Swan. troll a spinner rig around the 20' deep line. It also takes 4.5-5 hrs to get to Swan lake from the entry but don't pass up the chance to fish Marshal on the way in. I hear it is a decent Walleye Lake too but it is shallow and they have eluded me. However, my PB smallmouth was caught on that lake a couple years ago. Look for where the Brule River comes into the lake. SMB and Pike.
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