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11/01/2022 01:42PM  
Here we go again.

It is that time of year. I already find myself daydreaming of a return to Quetico next year. It happens every year about this time. I am at the gym and find myself thinking it is time to hit the rowing machine, often thinking of the long paddle up Agnes. While on the stair climber, I visualize the Yum Yum portage. Using various weights, I think about flipping the canoe. Using other weights, I think about lifting packs in and out of the canoe. I plan my numerous trips each year in my mind. And so it goes.

The anticipation of the joy of paddling the Q remains a constant in my life.
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11/01/2022 11:07PM  
I couldn’t agree more! Need to be getting to the gym more though to be in better shape earlier for next year!

11/02/2022 11:48AM  
I am beyond excited to get back to Quetico next year! Have not been since 2019 due to the pandemic, and cannot wait until June rolls around.
11/02/2022 02:45PM  
We start dreaming of (and planning for) our next Quetico trip as we're driving home from the latest one!

11/02/2022 04:47PM  
Anticipating a 21 day group/solo the latter part of May and early June 2023 has me chomping at the bit. My paddle partner and I really enjoyed our two two-week long trips earlier this year.

Alas, logistics from Georgia and a summer family reunion force us into just one three-week long slot next year. It does add to the planning challenge, and I’m great with that.

My daily workout is all about keeping fit so I “don’t let the old man in”. An “on the calendar”, late April Little Missouri River expedition should help condition me for our Q adventure.
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