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member (25)member
04/25/2023 08:52PM  
Well, I went ahead and joined the Savage River cult. I found a 2009 Savage River Deep Creek in mid-Wisconsin and pounced on it. It was purchased at Canoecopia in 2009. It is in like new condition. No scratches on the bottom at all and just a few scrapes on the gunnels and some wear on the yoke. They canoed it in a small lake near their house. It has never seen the granite of the Canadian shield. Those first few scratches are going to hurt, a lot.

I talked to Ben at Savage River twice about the canoe and he found the build invoice. It is the carbon/kevlar lay-up with wood trim. It came out of the factory at 34lbs. It's the first time in my life I wish my canoe weighed more, haha. I was hoping for the extra layer of Kevlar that they offer on their builds to provide a little more long term protection. It will be a wet foot canoe. Ben was a real pleasure to talk to and very generous with his time.

I sold my much beloved MN2, that had about a million miles on it, but I think it was the right move. I was looking for a tandem that I can also paddle solo sometimes with a dog. This seems to fit the bill.

The owners provided me with the original sales tag ($2,500) from the Canoecopia show and a vintage Savage River hat they got at the same time. I paid $2k for the boat, and they told me they had tried to sell it pre-covid for a fair amount less. They even had it at a rummage sale at one point, and someone offered them $200 dollars for it!! Glad they rejected that offer. It is truly one of those things where people looking at it, prior to it being posted this time, had no idea what the canoe was worth. Ben said a new Deep Creek with wood trim and built in ash yoke is $4,850 now.

Looking forward to ice out!


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distinguished member(1442)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/25/2023 09:40PM  
What a marvelous looking canoe! Congrats, NorthernCanoe, on your purchase. Hopefully you get it out for several trips this season. Enjoy!
04/25/2023 10:21PM  

The cult has a secret handshake, and drinks are on the new guy….
04/26/2023 06:28AM  
Beautiful canoe.
Great price
Great story.
04/26/2023 08:57AM  
Very, very nice!
04/26/2023 10:11AM  
Absolutely beautiful canoe, and great backstory. I found a Savage River Blackhawk locally (western North Carolina) at a similar price, but my bow paddler (and wife of 50+ years) couldn't deal with the narrow cockpit--we've both been spoiled by the knee room of our Northwind 17, but I sure like the weight numbers on several Savage River models.

distinguished member(7895)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
04/26/2023 02:06PM  
That's awesome... good for you!
member (23)member
04/26/2023 02:52PM  
I think the combo of modern black carbon fiber paired with wood and wicker is so pretty. New and old, modern and classic, cutting edge but timeless. What a handsome boat!
member (25)member
04/29/2023 06:17PM  
Thank you all.

I think I found a good canoe. I am real excited to get out and give it a spin. First new (used) canoe in 23 years.

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