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05/23/2023 03:48PM  
Looking at these for a 4 night solo. Mainly interested in conditions Comments and advice.
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05/23/2023 05:14PM  
Small rant first: I go to to see what permits are available for EP26 and everything is listed by lake name. Why do bwca'ers insist on using code for lake names!! So I google and find it is Wood Lake.

Answer to OP: I love Wood Lake as a quick, easy, short trip option. The portage is is a bit long, but not too difficult. Then you have to paddle a bit to get to good fishing spots and campsites. But it is a pretty lake and not bad fishing. I usually do Wood Lake as a day trip.

Only problem that I see is you would have to enter on July 3 or 4 or Aug 29.
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