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07/05/2023 11:46PM  
Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. The interesting part is you’d get to go with the flow of the Brightsand instead of against for the initial part of the trip. On a separate note I think starting here and then going straight into the Allenwater would be pretty epic from a whitewater future trip standpoint. You’d be with the flow for a long ways! From a logistics shuttle transport viewpoint it’s a long shuttle About 4 hours one way from Armstrong.

So Aylsworth lake, Brightsand River then over into the Kopka.

This trip report I think they ended the trip around the bridge to the west of Sparkling Lake. Entry point 8. I think?

Paddling the Beautiful Brightsand River

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07/06/2023 02:21PM  
A buddy and I paddled south (up stream) on the Brightsand from Allanwater Bridge on our way to Lake Nipigon. My recall was “endless days of paddling on endless lakes” on this river. Other than at spots where the river narrows, you shouldn’t notice much current. Much of it is very much like lake canoeing. The Kopka was much more interesting, but I prefer river canoeing over lake canoeing.
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