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08/08/2023 11:25AM  
When exiting the Q yesterday, I had to do a triple-take...

Saw a 3-person canoe towing a second canoe that was laden with gear. Always interesting, and although unusual it's not the first time I've seen that.

Then I realized that the lead canoe had a fixed rowing rig - the middle person was cranking on long oars while the stern and bow folks were paddling normally.

Despite towing another canoe, they were really was impressive.

This was on the Quetico side, not BWCA. No idea if that's legal there - I'm under the impression it would not be OK in the BW.
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08/09/2023 09:03AM  
Where specifically did you see this? If on the Quetico side of the border region, these were likely travellers from the USA who would have rowed through the BWs.
08/09/2023 01:01PM  
It was near PP - and while they did then cross into the US, they did so on a tow boat, so to my knowledge they did not run afoul of the BW regs.

So are rowboats OK in the Q? How about sails?

Again - speed was something else...I'd say 5 mph and they did not look like they were pushing hard. I can only imagine how fast they'd go if they were not towing a loaded second canoe, and if they were getting after it!
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