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distinguished member (105)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/06/2024 11:42AM  
hi all

has anyone out there used one of these? bought one of these?

my wife started joining me on a some trips into quetico. it took some convincing but i final told her we will bring whatever she needs to be comfy. even if i have to carry it. lol

we dont really do a lot of portaging as she has mobility issues but we have done some. so keeping the weight and volume to a reasonable amount always helps.

she has been using an inexpensive blow up mattress from walmart. it was like 20 bucks? it actually is pretty decent and rugged. but we have to manually blow it up, and it is pretty heavy and bulky.

i have asked her to consider buying a better sleep pad. she needed something inexpensive (as it wont be used much), with a better inflate system, weighs less, less bulky, and was (in her words) "at least 4" thick".

when shopping around i knew getting something to meet that criteria would be pretty pricey. then we came across the kilos gear site and looked at the aerocloud pad.

it was 140 usd (we had some usd avail so that was a bonus for us - we are canadian btw) with free shipping and the web site made it look pretty good.

so after some discussion we ordered one.

once it finally arrived i must say i was less than impressed with what i feel is a lack in quality material.

the outer material looks and feels like the cheapest possible rubbery plastic you might find on a $5 water toy at walmart.

i was going to bring it with me this past weekend on a three night trip to test it but honestly was kinda scared to.

we knew it was bigger than we needed. so that was no surprise but why they decided to make it almost 80" long is beyond me.

the inflate bag is also not what we expected. perhaps due to a lack of attention on my part when researching it. usually i see inflate bags that have a wide opening you simply open up to catch a bunch of air, then squeeze it into the pad. this one has a narrow bottle neck type opening that apparently you blow into from about a foot away and it catches enough air to fill the bag. i was skeptical but it actually works.

so i am just wondering if anyone else out there has had any luck with these or has tried one in the bush?

they actually claim it can be used right on the ground and show someone stomping all over it in their promo video. i just find it hard to believe, based on my first impressions of the material, that it will last. maybe i will be surprised.
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distinguished member (329)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/06/2024 06:48PM  
Sorry disregard the below, misinterpreted your post good luck.

Can't help you with your particular question but there are many threads on pads here. Use the search function and will learn more than you every wanted to know.
Check out and, there are many more plus the for sale forum on this site. You should be able to get a good pad in the $80 -$100 range with a pit of patience.
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