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member (22)member
05/10/2024 10:52AM  
(Sold) Wenonah MN II $2500... purchased new in 2015. BWCA tripping Canoe. Ultra-light with Aramid lay-up. 18' 6" long. Estimated weight: 42#, Ash Yoke with padded portage supports (optional), Black Aluminum Trim ($175 option), Sliding Bow Seat, Foot Brace Adjustable Stern. Price includes 2 bent shaft paddles.

Canoe has been in the BWCA for only three short trips that were mostly base camps. Hull has some minor scratches as seen in photos. Bow or stern has no damage. This canoe sells for over $4,000 new. Outfitters are selling this model for a similar price, Canoe does have some minor scratches, but nowhere near the scraped up hulls that you'll find used at an outfitter.

Mine includes two paddles, portage supports, black trim, and you pay no sales tax when transferring between private parties. You'll save about $500.

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distinguished member(3471)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/10/2024 02:48PM  
Did I miss the price?
member (22)member
05/10/2024 02:51PM  
Sorry. I hadn't added it. It's there now. $2500.
05/24/2024 03:36PM  
Where is the canoe located?
member (22)member
05/24/2024 06:39PM  
White Bear Lake. I can PM you my phone if you want to see the canoe.
05/24/2024 07:02PM  
Please send PM.
member (22)member
05/24/2024 07:17PM  
This message has had HTML content edited out of it.
Tuna209: "Please send PM. "

My email is greywolfandwildrice,at,gmail,dot,com Contact me that way.

I cannot find a PM link.
05/25/2024 09:25AM  
Email sent.
member (22)member
05/25/2024 10:39AM  
Tuna209: "Email sent. "

No email. I'm posting my phone number and will remove it after you call.

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