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member (20)member
05/26/2024 08:32PM  
I am selling the Portage Mule Canoe trailer. It can currently carry two canoes but was designed to add additional screw in pipe for up to four canoes. The box is approximately 4 ft wide by 8 ft long and 2 ft deep.

It has new 13-in tires and rims that have made two trips from Central Iowa to Ely and back. There's a spare. 2-in ball. Asking $3,995.00.

Also have a 2022 Northwind 20 4 seat canoe. It is a 20 ft long four-person tripping canoe. Ben and I have used this canoe in the 2021 version that we have for all of our trips as you have possibly seen in our videos. We want to keep one of the Northwind 20s because we love it but we would like to get a Northwind 18 to add to our fleet. Asking $2,750.00

Feel free to send an email username@Gmail if you're having trouble responding here.

Thank you
Portage Mule

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distinguished member(1671)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/27/2024 09:10AM  
That is one cool trailer!

Can I suggest posting the boat in a separate ad or adding it to the post title? I think more folks are looking for a Northwind 20 than a trailer.
member (20)member
05/27/2024 02:59PM  
Thanks thegildedgopher for the heads up ??
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