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10/23/2010 02:46PM  
Returned yesterday from solo through the Q. In at Prairie, through the S-chain to Silence, then Reid to Agnes through Keewatin to Kawinipi to Montgomery then Shelley, Keats to Baird, Cutty Creek to Veron and Delahey to Conmee, Suzanette, Brent to Earl, Ted the Newts, Crooked and home through the Horse River to Mudro. Weather was good (other than high winds and thunder snow), portages were clear even if scarcely used. Campsites were very clean and well cared for. 11 days without seeing another human.
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10/23/2010 03:44PM  
Wow! Nice trip! Why not post a trip report with some photos? I would love to see them and read the full account of your trip.
10/23/2010 04:35PM  
i want to be like you when i grow up.
10/23/2010 07:36PM  
Nice route! Do any fishing?
10/23/2010 09:17PM  
quote kanoes: "i want to be like you when i grow up."

I'll second that
10/24/2010 08:39PM  
quote fishguts: "Wow! Nice trip! Why not post a trip report with some photos? I would love to see them and read the full account of your trip."

What Fishguts said. Congrats on an awesome trip. We were through some of that area this summer which makes it even more interesting to me.
10/24/2010 10:50PM  
I'll try and post a report when I get done drying and sorting gear. I no longer fish when traveling solo. Thanks for the interest.

I am amazed at the beauty of this earth.
10/25/2010 09:13AM  
Great to hear about your trip, Jon! I was just thinking this weekend you should be getting back around now. Seems like much better weather than last October. Looking forward to more of your fantastic narrative and photos when you get the time for a report.
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10/25/2010 08:26PM  
I am green with envy. What a great route.
10/31/2010 02:18PM  
Excellent route. This October has probably had the best late-season canoe tripping weather in years. Glad you had a great trip.
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