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01/13/2011 08:05PM  
New Trip Report posted by bentshaft

Trip Name: Return to Woodland Caribou Park.

Entry Point: Other

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01/15/2011 02:24PM  
Nice report, bentshaft. I have never heard of woodland caribou park before, but it definitely seems like a worthwhile canoeing destination. How economical is a trip to that region?

I enjoyed your photos and your groups story. My brother had a similar experience with a northern in the bwca that returned the favor by implanting him with a treble hook in the cuticle around his thumbnail. With no way to work the treble through, I ended up pinning his hand down and yanking the hook out using a pair of pliers. It came out smoothly but put him in intense pain. Many f bombs ensued and many trees got booted, as he ran cussing and yelling and kicking along the portage. Haha. But a couple shots of jameson and a band aid calmed him down. Likewise, it was sore for him on our trip but didn't disable him in anyway.

Sounds like you had good fishing otherwise. Was the fishing as good on your previous trip to wcp?
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01/15/2011 03:57PM  
Great report - and your impaled hand story is a good cautionary tale for all of us!

01/16/2011 10:20AM  
The cost of WCP differs from Quetico only in the additional gas and time to reach there. Like Quetico you do pay a fee for every night you camp in the park. I believe around $15/night. This is the same as the fee for entering Quetico from the Canadian entry points.

The fishing was great on both trips. The 1st trip was in the end of June and we had more Lake Trout. Very few(like a couple) lakes have smallmouth and many do not have walleyes.
01/20/2011 09:08PM  
Thanks. WCPP is on the short list for 2012 for our group!
11/04/2011 07:15PM  
I read this intently. This was a very nice trip. I have not been down that south end of the park yet. I was very impressed with the report and nice pics. Especially the Moose and Calf!!! Sorry about the finger and fishhook. Also funny when you dropped the NEW lure in the water, because I could see that happening to me.
Be nice to chat sometime about that area.
Great Report!
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