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member (33)member
08/25/2011 01:34PM
New Trip Report posted by brynfrd

Trip Name: Mudro to Gun.

Entry Point: 22

Click Here to View Trip Report
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08/26/2011 10:41AM
Thanks for sharing and way to get some newbies to the bdub. Those paddles in the pic are pretty cool!
member (33)member
08/26/2011 12:37PM
Thanks made the paddles myself My wife designed her
pattern. Made out of Cotton Wood strong and light tip is fiber glassed reinforced.
They have a good flex to them which provides a little kick at the end. I prefer them in Deep water over other styles of blades. Not great in
Shallow water paddle.
distinguished member (103)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/26/2011 08:43PM
Thanks for the trip report. We spent the week on Boot and ran into your wife on one of our portages. I remember commenting to her about how nice your paddles were. We were the ones with the cedar strip canoe. I agree the fishing was slow last week, at least on Boot and Fairy.

member (33)member
08/26/2011 11:21PM
I remember you guys to that is a real pretty canoe you guys have. Some day maybe I will try my hand at one. Sorry to hear your fishing was like
ours. At least there will be story's to tell and photos to prove it.
Glad those storms did not bring extreme winds. I really was questioning
Friday morning what was going to happen. My gut was correct.
I guess my C in Meteorology 151 at UND paid off. Good learning trip for my wife's family. Neat seeing you guys jealous about your canoe. Hope our paths cross again. Bryan
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