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08/07/2012 12:40PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Is it worth bringing a fly rod this time of year? We go to fish and have several layover days built into our trip (10 days). If it is worth bringing, what species would be best to target?
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08/09/2012 09:18PM  
Just got back (8-6-12). The Smallies were in 8 to 12 feet of water. The Walleye were very deep with the Northern's around 20 feet. We were on Knife Lake. Water temp was 78 degrees. I left my fly rod at home.
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08/15/2012 01:59PM  
This depends on how much you enjoy fly fishing - and what presentations you are comfortable with. This time of year smallies and pike are still fairly easy - from the surface in low light/calm conditions down to 15 feet will still score, although the bigger pike will be deeper.

If you have multiple line choices, floater, slow intermediate and full sink, you can still score on everything, although lakers will be a bit harder. With a full sinker, you can still target walleyes down to 25 feet quite easily. I've also caught lakers on streamers in the middle of summer by letting out all my sinking line and then maybe another 50 yards of backing...figured I was in 35 feet of water while trolling. The same spot was producing fish for my canoe partner who was using a flutter spoon/snap weight combo. He was out-fishing me simply because he could get down deep and maintain a tight line easier than I could - I just preferred to catch em on the fly rod that day.

Now, except for smallies and smaller pike, you will catch more fish with spinning gear, but maybe you just want the challenge the fly rod represents. Even if you only had a floating line set up, the fun of smallies on top, would be too much for me to pass up.

At the end of the day, I guess it depends on how much gear you'll have to carry, portages, and how far in you are going. But the fly rod will still put fish in the boat if you know how.

08/16/2012 12:29PM  
Thanks Moonman. Fly rod is packed. Floating line, so we're targeting smallmouth and I guess if a pike wants to hit, it can.
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08/16/2012 02:53PM  
Take in a small spool of maxima fluoro 30lb. Use it as a leader on the fly when you think some pike are around - you'll still get smallies and pike won't bite thru- good luck!

08/16/2012 04:18PM  
Already packed for unrelated use, leader on a deeper diver. Good tip, thanks!
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