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01/12/2014 03:48PM  
Someone in another group mentioned Hawk Vittles. I looked at their website, and there's a nice variety of dehydrated meals for sale there. Has anyone given them a try?

Hawk Vittles

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01/12/2014 04:36PM  
Yes, I have eaten several of them and liked most of what I had. I also have liked a couple from Outdoor Herbivore

I reviewed several of each in my last 2 trip reports:

2013 trip

2012 trip

I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, just ask.

I thought Hawk's "Cashew Curry" was very good and Outdoor Herbivore's "Lickety Split Lentils" was almost as good and I liked the Thai Lemongrass Curry, but Thai food is one of my favorites. These were both new along with a couple of others. Hawk's Beef Stew and Bacon Baked Beans are both old standbys. I'll probably try one or two different ones on my trip this fall.
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01/13/2014 07:01AM  
Thanks Boonie! They sound like they're worth a try.

I really enjoyed the trip report. Too many of my trips are now just a blur. I really need to start writing reports with the kind of detail/pictures your reports have.
01/13/2014 09:00PM  
I haven't tried a ton of them, but I like them better than the Mountain House. Just like anything - even your favorite restaurant - you'll like some meals better than others and you may not like some that I like and vice versa ;). I usually try one or two different ones each trip to broaden my future choices. If you try any, let us know what you think.

That's exactly why I started doing the trip reports SourisMan. Most of my earlier trips I didn't take any real notes and it's surprising how quickly I forgot details. I sit down each evening now and write up everything I can remember about the day. I also take a lot more pictures since I got a waterproof pocket camera, which really helps too.
01/30/2014 08:38AM  
I tried several in Sept. 2013. I liked Bison Stew and Chicken Pilaf the best. The breakfast casserole was very bland. Need to spice that one up or maybe better yet - ketchup.

My compaint with Hawk Vittles is their packaging. You can't reseal the bag (like mountainhouse) after adding boiling water so it's problematic. I solved this by using wooden clothespins to keep it from spilling. See, I like to squish the water around to make sure everything rehydrates but you can't do this with the fairly small packages they use when you can't seal the top.

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01/30/2014 09:23AM  
I'll add a thumbs up on Hawk Vittles. I've enjoyed most of the meals I've tried, but am not wild about their spaghetti sauce, so skip those meals. I really like the African Stew and Black Bean Stew.

I have not tried any of the meals from the Outdoor Herbivore that Boonie recommended, but they sounded so good I just placed an order for several and will give them a try the next time I get out.
distinguished member(631)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/07/2014 12:42PM  
I picked up a few of the Hawk's last year and had mixed feelings about them. My biggest mistake was not using a koozie (he sells the "snuggie") to keep the water/food hot during rehydrating, so definitely make sure you have that set up.

The breakfast meal I had was not great, but I did like the beef stew aside from my rehydrating issues.
distinguished member(1919)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/08/2014 07:22AM  
to sum it up-awesome food. now they offer a single portion, perfect for my solo trips. get the snuggie, great way to reconstitute.
bring along a clip or clothespin to seal the bag shut in the snuggie.
the bags do not reseal.
02/13/2014 12:06PM  
I think I'll get some of the Thai food mentioned above as well as some Hawk Vittles for next summer. I can't wait to try them!
02/13/2014 12:53PM  
A couple of notes:

As mentioned, you'll need a cozy to keep them warm while they rehydrate.


The Outdoor Herbivore meals are not in bags that you can add hot water to.

The Hawk Vittles bags are not resealable. I used clips the 1st year like others have mentioned.

This is not a problem if you rehydrate in a pot, but you will need a pot cozy or otherwise you'll just need more fuel. Plus you'll have to clean the pot.

To solve these problems, last year I bought these bags to transfer them to for rehydrating. It worked well.

If you're not familiar with the process, you might want to try one or two at home to work out any wrinkles beforehand.
distinguished member(1004)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/13/2014 10:58PM  
For the money, do it for yourself. A couple of his items are probably the exact same recipes I do at home and dehydrate myself. Most casseroles work well. Package in a food saver bag. In camp, add boiling water up to the top, and wait. You can ( and I often do) do it in a pan. I even use the stove so I can add more water and "boil off" any excess. I find fewer 'crispy spots', without turning it to mush.
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