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05/26/2014 08:43PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Someone some time ago, posted a link to one of Babblefish5's recipe dehydrating videos and I appreciate the link but sorry for not remembering who it was.

I cooked up a batch of Beef Stroganoff today and the house is smelling mighty good as it becomes dried goodness. The extra's are dinner tonight with real sour cream.
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05/26/2014 09:43PM  
Results: Ugh .. less than desirable.

Lesson learned. Cook what tastes good to you with fat / dairy products in mind.
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05/26/2014 09:59PM  
I didnt think that recipe looked very good for stroganoff. Thats why its always good to test new ones before you take them. When I first watched I thought the hamburger and brown gravy were odd ingredients for stroganoff.

I made a batch with roast beef and an actual stroganoff pouch (mckormicks i think) from the supermarket and a tub of reduced fat sour cream. I did saute onions and mushrooms though. It rehydrated well and tasted really good in our 2 week freezer test. It is getting a 4 month freezer test before june 4th also.
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