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07/10/2014 07:29PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Just saw this in July & August issue Cook's Illustrated magazine # 129.

An age old question for me when creating or transfering packaged meals to reduce bulk. Which plastic bag to use?

Ziploc brand double zipper gallon freezer bags with smart zip seal, upc 0-25700-00382-3.

If your not familiar with Cook's Illustrated magazine, they take a scientific approach to food preperation. Why some recipies fail, what tools suck, and how to alter recipies.

As one example I used to package pancake mix in resealible plastic food bags so they could be mixed with water and oil right in the bag. Seal and cut a small portion of a corner to dispense. You have less utensiles and containers to clean.

Freezer bags were tough enough to take a beating without puncture. The seal was usually the weak link as far as leakage. The Cook's article tells why, what to look for in others, and what brands to avoid.

You should and are supposed to pack out plastics etc. This way the empty bags can also contain garbage, pack down flat, no odor, no mess. I lost count years ago how many campsites were ruined, uninhabitable or simply unsafe because of critters digging up buried garbage.

Sound to expensive, enjoy camp kitchen drudgery, get bored fishing or sitting around a campfire? Maybe you like bears in camp waking you up at 3am? For me a small price to pay.
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