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10/18/2014 01:27PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by jdddl8

Trip Name: Larway Solo.

Entry Point: Quetico

Click Here to View Trip Report
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10/18/2014 03:35PM  
Sounds like the weather was trying but the fishing was ok. I was in Quitico on a solo from 8/12/14 until 8/22/14 on the other side of the park from you. I went up Baptism creek and on to Cache Lake then down the Cache River. Being on small water the wind did not bother me. I had many days that the sun was hidden nearly all day with several days that it misted all day but my only rain came at night.
Thanks for posting the report I enjoyed it.
10/18/2014 03:37PM  
Thanks, that's quite a long trip. My longest so far is about 9-10 days, but I hope to do a longer one someday. Twenty one days is a lot of food though. I'd love to see your pictures - I'll email you.
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