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01/16/2015 08:03AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Just got my copy from amazon "All Things Are Possible" the Verlen Kruger Story by Phil Peterson.

So sometimes in life we stumble onto a great deal. This is one such time for me. For $9.31 and $3.99 shipping I got a mint hard cover copy that appears to be dedicated to someone and signed by the author. It looks to be never used.

Wow. I've just paged through it and looked at the countless pictures of this guy and his trips. I can definitely see how BeaV was inspired by this guy. Interesting too to see him portaging the Chilcoot Trail in the snow. Can't wait to sit down and get into this. I had only heard of his name before and never realized what he accomplished. All after the age of 42.

BTW, there are more copies for a similar price out there to be had. Check it out. This book was $35 when it came out and is quite hefty.
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01/16/2015 08:03PM  
Thanks for the info on this book. I did not know about the book (but soon I will). Ordered a copy (but not at the deal you got).
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