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02/01/2015 09:51AM  
Mocha's thread on RyeCrisp got me thinking (dangerous I know!), if any one makes their own HardTack.
I've made it (history research), but never took it for tripping food. Dense packing, long storage life, rugged crackers. Ingredients can be substituted to suit personal flavour. It goes very well with soups.
Basically pizza dough folded rolled repeat. Think I'll try some rye with caraway and sesame seeds!

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02/01/2015 08:14PM  
I may try my hand at it...make the softer version with cinnamon and raisins.
02/03/2015 04:18PM  
Used a no-knead rye recipe, 1c rye, 2 1/2c white, 1ts salt, 1/2ts yeast, 2ts caraway and fennel seeds. Rolled folded several times, cut baked 30 min per side.
Came out crunchy and tasty.
Long term storage trials, 1 vac-bagged and frozen, 1 vac-bagged cupboard stored, 1 ziplocked cupboard stored, left a few to sit on a plate.
They came out like pretzel bits but firmer. Seem to be very packable, tasty out of the oven, and after cooling. May be an addition to my tripping foods!

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02/03/2015 06:11PM  
quote mr.barley: "I may try my hand at it...make the softer version with cinnamon and raisins."

It looks interesting, worth a try. Maybe add a little barley malt from the mash for body? :^)

I remember seeing it at Old World Wisconsin in the Swedish homestead. It was cut in a circle with a hole on the middle and hung by running a string through the holes. Don't know if the hanging was to keep it dry or away from the mice?
02/03/2015 06:32PM  
looks great! makes me wonder if the squeeze cheese in a can would be a nice accompaniment
distinguished member(592)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/04/2015 05:03PM are a dynamo! Great pics. Always nice to have something homemade when you are tripping.
02/04/2015 05:52PM  
what is even more amazing is that he had all these ingredients on hand and could just whip up a batch of hard tack!
distinguished member(7876)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/04/2015 08:24PM  
I thought this thread was about my medical history...
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