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member (28)member
01/21/2016 11:56AM  
New Trip Report posted by CosmicCharlie

Trip Name: First Winter Camp- Birch Island- Snowbank.

Entry Point: 27

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distinguished member(2527)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/21/2016 03:10PM  
Great report! Always good to see someone report about ALL of the trip ie. do's, don'ts, did this, didn't do this etc. It's the kind of report that others learn from.
Nobody really worries about wood chips, twigs etc. that are left on the ice simply because it's all gone come spring anyway. As long as it's all natural debris, then it's not a big deal.
01/21/2016 06:45PM  
I agree, excellent report! For a first trip with new gear and those temps, I'm impressed by your dedication to the effort! And I love your pirate pop ups - arggggh.
01/22/2016 09:56AM  
Very well written and a excellent report and one finds out winter camping takes more care and time doing camping duties like keeping warm.

Do love watching those tipups-something special when that flag goes up.

Did you make your tobogan?
member (28)member
01/23/2016 07:15AM  
Nice report. That is a hella load on that sled. How was the slush situation and thickness of ice? Any sign of dog sledders going through the area?
member (28)member
01/24/2016 12:25PM  
Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them. It's been fun reading other reports over the last year or so, I'm glad to contribute finally.

It was a big load on the tobbogan. I had two tobbaggons loaded not evenly, but when my friends left they took some stuff and left me with a huge load. I brought some stuff that I didn't really need too. Way too much food and cooking equipment and also a vexilar lantern and extra batteries. There was a good trail from the island to the landing. Pretty busy area. Pockets of slush off trail, but not any that I had to deal with.
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