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member (48)member
07/28/2016 05:07PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
We're heading into South Lake Aug 14-20, likely basecamping the whole time, does anyone have any advice on campsites? Large group, kids, swimming is usually an all day affair...

How are the campsites on North?
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07/28/2016 05:23PM  
South Lake was hit hard by the first big storm. You my want to call ahead to see which campsites are open. I believe most of them were closed in June.
member (48)member
07/28/2016 05:33PM  
Thank you -- just called my outfitter (Tuscarora) and spoke with Andy, he'll know more from the Forest Service tomorrow. Reports are that they have been clearing those campsites out for the past few weeks. Thanks for the heads up!
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