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08/09/2016 03:49PM
From member bwcadan:

If you have never taken a battery powered bug zapper on your trips, I strongly suggest you do so. For 3 years now, we have taken one for each of us and the ease of getting rid of mosquitoes in the tent cannot be overstated by me. Battling mosquitoes by hand often leaves a bloody mess and the ones you miss land out of sight on the floor or in other locations where you store items. You can search for them or wait them out. Failure to get them often leads to bites later on when your defenses are at rest for the night. I paid $3.99 for mine and it is a must take item for us. For obvious reasons, you will need one for each tent.

For best results, come at them from beneath.

I did have to replace mine once when moisture must have shorted it out. I now keep it in a plastic bag whether traveling or in the tent.
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