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      ZRE Paddle, how do I insert the uncut handle in the shaft?     



08/22/2016 08:34PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I got my ZRE uncut Paddle today, I can barely get the uncut handle started into the shaft, and cannot push it any further into the shaft past a half inch. What are the tricks to inserting the handle?

Thought about heating the shaft up in hot water to expand it to fit the handle.
Any of you run into this issue. Tricks?

I also got the other paddle today (my spare) from UphillHarry. It's beautiful, I'm sure my wife will own into it on our tandem trips when I return to paddling in MN in a couple years.
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member (37)member
08/23/2016 03:54AM  
Get some fine Emery Cloth. Chamfer the inner lip to make sure there is not a bur. If it does not go in the all the way, it doesn't really matter until you get down to final fitting. Paddle it dry fit, to see how much more you need to take off. On the final fit you'll abrade the inside of the shaft and the outside of the handle, so it will fit a little lousier. Also, before you glue, chamfer the outer lip to make a smooth transition. Use a really fine toothed saw blade, and make a clean square cut.
08/23/2016 11:43AM  
With some sanding and oil I can only get the handle half way in , also from the blade to the end if the shaft is 52 inches long.
Does that seem correct for a. Uncut paddle. It will end up being 54" with handle properly inserted.
08/23/2016 12:39PM  
I am returning the paddle to campmor, sounds like they sent me a defect.
I called ZRE and campmors paddling Dept. Both said the paddle should be 55" uncut and neither can figure out why I can't get the handle in the shaft.

Campmor is sending me a shipping label. An expensive mistake at 45 dollers shipping one way, thankful for good customer service.
senior member (82)senior membersenior member
08/23/2016 09:28PM  
I had the opposite problem with my uncut zre from Campmor (thru amazon). I did not have to cut the shaft because, fortunately, it came at the exact length I was going to cut it to. The handle was extremely loose and came shipped with a chunk of fiberglass cloth. Huh? I just used the fiberglass with some 2 part epoxy and it seemed to work ok but sure was a pain to get inserted along with the handle. Sounds like Campmor might have some rejects or returns?
09/02/2016 12:15PM  


I had an older ZRE Paddle and the handle cracked. I had ZRE send me a new handle. Like you, I had trouble installing the new handle. I could not get it to fit.

I ended up sending the paddle and handle back to Bob Zaveral of Zaveral Racing Equipment Upton, NY and they put it on at no charge. I was happy with their customer service.

Bob said the newer handles are far more durable than the older handles they put on years ago.
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