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02/13/2017 07:00PM
Just curious if anyone has entered via Mudro in the winter and headed toward Sandpit and Tin Can Mike lakes? If so, what's it like? Does the stream right at the entry point of Mudro move slow enough to freeze firmly in the winter? I know veering off of Mudro toward Fourtown has some portages that could very unpleasant in the winter so I was giving some thought to going into Sandpit, Tin Can Mike, and Horse. A second option may to go up Moose. Has anyone been up Moose and into Ensign in the winter? Does Moose see a lot of sled dog activity? As always thanks for input.
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02/13/2017 08:48PM
Mudro creek doesn't really freeze over solid. You'd need to go along the side. Portage on both end are rough\rock and would be tough going. We tried getting in there last year but snowmobiles had packed down last mile of road and made is undriveable. Moose is well traveled by dog sled. More solitude would be across moose to Wind Lake and then even down into Wind Bay on Basswood. Good Pike fishing.
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