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BWCA Campsite 2319

Campsite Number: 2319   Link to Map
Camp Status: open  
Lake: Isabella River
Lake Camp Number: 8
Approx. Latitude: 47.79907
Approx. Longitude: -91.51248
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Member Comment 1 - (posted on 09/25/2020)

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Isabella River
Entry Point:
75 - Little Isabella River
Approximate Date of Visit:
Camp Notes:
Well protected site which can be good or bad depending on time of year. We went in the fall, temps hit mid 20s so mosquitoes weren't an issue, but I could see this being a mosquito haven outside of early spring/fall since it is so blocked from any wind. There is a nice rock outcropping with a great view overlooking the river to the east. A moose plunging into the river just below camp at 2am kept us awake for a while.
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