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BWCA Campsite 859

Campsite Number: 859   Link to Map
Lake: Wine Lake
Lake Camp Number: 1
Approx. Latitude: 47.94595
Approx. Longitude: -90.94822
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Member Comment 1 - (posted on 05/23/2010)

Camp Info Posted by:
Campsite Rating:
5 Stars
Max. Group Size Recommended:
Wine Lake
Entry Point:
38 - Sawbill Lake
Approximate Date of Visit:
Camp Notes:
This site is actually on the west side of the island. Easily the best site on the lake. Lots of huge wite pines provide ample shade and cover. Nice canoe landing. A bench by the firegrate that is flat and has a back rest. Several flat rocks surround the firegrate providing a convenient table. One of the very best sites I've ever stayed at.
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