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BWCA Campsite 301

Campsite Number: 301   Link to Map
Lake: Little Crab Lake
Lake Camp Number: 5
Approx. Latitude: 47.95824
Approx. Longitude: -92.07390
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There are 2 member comments about this campsite.

Member Comment 1 - (posted on 09/29/2015)

Camp Info Posted by:
Campsite Rating:
5 Stars
Max. Group Size Recommended:
Little Crab Lake
Entry Point:
4 - Crab Lake and Cummings from Burntside Lake
Approximate Date of Visit:
Camp Notes:
Good landing, excellent fire grate area, multiple premium tent pads and just the right amount of shelter while still providing good views. All this situated in a beautiful cathedral of large red pines. A true 5 star site!

Member Comment 2 - (posted on 06/04/2013)

Camp Info Posted by:
Campsite Rating:
0 Stars
Entry Point:
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