Red Lake Outfitters Inc.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Red Lake Outfitters Inc.

P.O. Box 1484
Red Lake, Ontario   P0V 2M0

Contact Information:

Proprietors: Harlan Schwartz
Direct Phone: 807-727-9797


At Red Lake Outfitters, we feel there is simply no better
way to spend your time than by paddling through the diverse
Boreal Forest of WCPP. The lakes, rivers and streams within
the park contain a rich and diverse ecosystem rarely found
in today’s world. This fire driven landscape is home to
Beaver, Moose, Black Bear, Wolves and of course, the
Woodland Caribou! Comprised primarily of Jack Pine and
Black Spruce, this wild area has remained largely untouched
for thousands of years.

When forming Red Lake Outfitters, we asked ourselves “What
Would I Expect From An Outfitter”. Its a great question,
but one far too many outfitters simply ignore. That’s why
we’ve invested in the absolute best gear on the market. We
believe gear should be an extension of the paddler, not
something that hinders you or puts your trip in jeopardy.
That’s why we’ve added subtle yet important details to our
equipment. For instance, all our canoes feature a beautiful
wood trim and deep dish yokes. Why? Because as paddlers
first, that’s the type of canoe we’d want on a trip! All
our tents, stoves, cook sets, sleeping bags and virtually
everything else is top of the line and replaced annually.
This is our way of fulfilling our commitment of only
offering you the best.

Join us in 2014 and explore what we believe to be the
ultimate backcountry paddling destination in Canada!

Harlan Schwartz
Owner, Red Lake Outfitters

Main Offerings:

  • Full Outfitting - Provide complete outfitting needs for your group - canoe, gear, food
  • Gear Rental - Tents, camps stoves, packs, sleeping bags, tarps, etc.
  • Trip/Route Planning Assistance - Aid in helping plan your route or trip
  • Entry Point Shuttles - Shuttles to and from entry points.
  • Guide Service - Guiding Trips into BWCA
  • Canoe Rental
  • Meal Planning - Plan and Provide fresh and freeze dried meals for groups.
  • Store - Shopping - Store proving gear, fishing gear, maps, food
  • Bunkhouse - Bunkhouse available for pre/post trip lodging
  • Cross Country Skiing - Cross Country Ski Rental and Planning
  • Winter Camping - Outfitting to meet your winter camping/fishing needs

Additional Offerings 1:

  • Maps - Purchase Maps for Planning and Navigation
  • Kevlar Canoe Rental - Rental of lightweight Canoes
  • Solo Canoe Rental - Rental of Solo Canoes
  • Hot Showers - Hot Showers for post trip cleanup

Additional Offerings 2:

  • Northstar Canoes - Rental of Northstar Canoes
  • Wenonah Canoes - Rental of Wenonah Canoes
  • Souris River Canoes - Rental of Souris River Canoes
  • Kayak Rental - Rental of Kayaks
  • Gear Sales - Providing Sales of gear
  • Fishing Tackle - BWCA fishing gear for sale
  • Satellite Phones - Rental of Satellite Phones for emergency contact

WCPP (Woodland Caribou Provincial Park)

  • Fly-in for drop off and/or pickup
  • Guided Trips
  • Water Shuttles to west end of Trout Bay
  • Ground Shuttles:
    • Johnson Lake
    • Onnie Lake
    • Leano Lake
    • Lund Lake
    • Upper Chukuni River