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Clearwater Canoe Outfitters & Lodge

Gunflint Trail (Eastern BWCA)

Clearwater Canoe Outfitters & Lodge

774 Clearwater Rd
Grand Marais, MN   55604

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Contact Information:

Direct Phone: 218-388-2254
Toll-Free Phone: 800-527-0554


Clearwater BWCA Canoe Outfitters is your starting point to one of America’s greatest adventures – the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. At Clearwater BWCA Outfitters, we’ve helped people explore the Boundary Waters for over 100 years. We believe that taking the time to pick the right route at the right time of the year for the right group is the key to a great canoe adventure. There are many outfitting services in the BWCA, and hundreds of routes to choose from. So why choose us? The difference is care and experience. The time we spend paddling and camping the wilderness directly translates to helping you and your group put together the best trip possible. We believe a customized, tailored trip makes all the difference in having a good time in the BWCA and a great adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. You spend all year working, planning, and looking forward to your vacation. We believe you deserve more than just a vacation, you deserve an adventure!

Clearwater is located mid-way up the Gunflint Trail north of Grand Marais on beautiful Clearwater Lake, just a mile south of the historic Voyager Canoe Route which created the boundary between the US and Canada. Designated entry point 62, we also provide shuttle service to all entry points along the Gunflint Trail (BWCA East). Our remote eastern section also know as “the other BWCA” is a particularly scenic one filled with spectacular bluffs, remote waterfalls and crystal-clear waters. By design we are large enough to meet all of your needs with premium service, equipment, food and gear while still providing that personal touch.

Main Offerings:

  • Full Outfitting - Provide complete outfitting needs for your group - canoe, gear, food
  • Gear Rental - Tents, camps stoves, packs, sleeping bags, tarps, etc.
  • Restaurant - Limited Service Restaurant and Bakery
  • Trip/Route Planning Assistance - Aid in helping plan your route or trip
  • Entry Point Shuttles - Shuttles to and from entry points.
  • BWCA Permits - Reserve Permits for your group
  • Canoe Rental - Kevlar, Royalex and Lightweight Aluminum
  • Meal Planning - Plan and Provide fresh and freeze dried meals for groups.
  • Store - Shopping - Store providing gear, fishing gear, maps, food
  • Bunkhouse - Bunkhouse available for pre/post trip lodging
  • Quetico Outfitting

Additional Offerings 1:

  • Kevlar Canoe Rental - Rental of lightweight Canoes
  • Maps - Purchase Maps for Planning and Navigation
  • Solo Canoe Rental - Rental of Solo Canoes
  • Minnesota Fishing Licenses - Fishing Licenses Available On-Site
  • Hot Showers - Hot Showers for post trip cleanup

Additional Offerings 2:

  • Northstar Canoes - Rental of Northstar Canoes
  • Wenonah Canoes - Rental of Wenonah Canoes
  • Mad River Canoes - Rental of Mad River Canoes
  • Souris River Canoes - Rental of Souris River Canoes
  • Kayak Rental - Rental of Kayaks
  • Gear Sales - Providing Sales of gear
  • Food Sales - Providing Sales of dry goods for your trip
  • Fishing Tackle - BWCA fishing gear for sale
  • Live Bait - Live Bait for Sales for your fishing needs

Boundary Waters Entry Points Supported

  • Brule Lake - 41
  • Bower Trout Lake - 43
  • Ram Lake - 44
  • Morgan Lake - 45
  • Lizz & Swamp Lakes - 47
  • Meeds Lake - 48
  • Skipper and Portage Lakes - 49
  • Cross Bay Lake - 50
  • Missing Link Lake - 51
  • Brant Lake - 52
  • Seagull Lake Only - 54A
  • Saganaga Lake Only - 55A
  • Magnetic Lake - 57
  • South Lake - 58
  • Duncan Lake - 60
  • Daniels Lake - 61
  • Crocodile River - 66
  • Bog Lake - 67
  • Pine Lake - 68
  • John Lake - 69
  • North Fowl Lake - 70
  • Seagull Lake - 54
  • Saganaga Lake - 55
  • Clearwater Lake - We are located on Clearwater Lake
  • East Bearskin Lake - 64
  • Saganaga Lake - J
  • Seagull Lake - K
  • Clearwater Lake - L
  • East Bearskin Lake - M

Come work, play, and adventure with us in the BWCA on the Gunflint Trail this summer!

Clearwater Lodge & Canoe Outfitters is looking for exceptional summer staff who are passionate about the outdoors and customer service. Completed in 1926, Clearwater Lodge is the oldest and largest free standing whole log structure in the region and is listed on the National Historic Registry. The business has operated since 1915 and is the original outfitter on the Gunflint Trail still operating today. Along with the lodge and outfitting services we also offer 12 lakeside cabins which capture the spirit of the Northwoods.

Our Outfitting/Facilities staff works to ensure guests are prepared and have the best information and gear for a successful trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, whether it is for the day or a multi-night adventure. In addition, these staffers help to maintain grounds and facilities, minor repairs and upkeep. Outfitting/Facilities staff duties include:

• Maintaining a high level of cleanliness & order concerning all things outfitting; including outfitting room, outfitting porch, food room, tent hanging rack/cleaning table and shuttle vehicles
• Assisting outfitted guests with any needs
• Maintaining sufficient inventory on outfitting food
• Shuttling guests to and from various BWCAW entry points along the Gunflint Trail utilizing our resort vehicles and canoe/gear trailers.
• Preparing and packing food & gear for outfitted trips
• Assisting guests at our waterfront with preparation and direction, gear selection and advice on their excursion.
• Maintain waterfront equipment, fueling boats cleaning and stowing waterfront gear while maintaining cleanliness and organization of boathouse.
• Maintained continual awareness of upcoming canoe trips, trips on the water and trips returning
• Planning for and performing shuttle services to various entry points on the Gunflint Trail
• Maintaining cleanliness of bunkhouses / shower houses and preparing for outfitting guest arrivals daily.
• Some Outfitting staff will be cross trained in Guest Services and be able to flex between the two departments based on need.
• Other cleaning and maintenance duties as assigned

Dates of Employment: Season runs approximately May 10, 2023 – October 15, 2023.
Actual employment dates will vary and be discussed on an individual basis to accommodate school schedules, etc.

Wages and Schedule: Wages are paid hourly and include housing and meals for all
staff. Wages start at $11.00 per hour plus room and board. You will be scheduled approximately 40 to 45 hours each week, though days and hours may vary. All staff will be working Saturdays & Sundays. Staff are provided 2 consecutive days off per week. On your time off, you are welcomed and encouraged to use our watercraft, canoeing and outfitting gear to explore the area lakes and trails. We believe the more you learn about the area, the more helpful you can be to our guests.

Room and Board: Housing and all meals are included. Most of our staff housing isprivate, but a few are shared. There is a private WiFi network in the staff housing area. Staff utilizes the resort laundry facilities after hours for personal laundry. The staff uses the shower house restrooms and showers. Breakfast and lunch items are provided for you to eat on your own schedule. Dinner is prepared and served family style and we all eat together.

Remote Location: We are located 26 miles north of Grand Marais, MN, halfway up the Gunflint Trail, in the heart of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Clearwater Lake is an entry point into the BWCA. Due to our remoteness we cater to the type of
guest who wants to take a break from the constant connectivity of a 21st century lifestyle. We look for the same sort of person in our staff members. Cellular service is extremely limited on the Gunflint Trail (there is no signal at Clearwater) and WiFi is only available in a few resort buildings including the lodge. If you can’t handle a summer away from the conveniences of modern life, then this might not be the position for you. If you can appreciate working hard during your shift and then slowing down, disconnecting, and heading out to explore, camp, fish and hike in the heart of an untouched wilderness on your time off, we’d love to hear from you!

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